We are Nuyvalley Trading, your 1 stop solution for Energy Savers.

Nuyvalley Trading was established to provide our clients, from Commercial and Industrial to Contractors and Private, with a one-stop solution regarding energy saving light options.


Benefits of using energy saving light options: A certain fact and rapidly growing trend in the market place currently is that the use of inefficient lighting / lamps / bulbs is rapidly declining, not only in homes but also in commercial properties. In certain international countries the use of the conventional incandescent bulb and T10/12 fluorescent lamps had even been banned.


Inverter Technology: What is inverter technology? Is inverter technology for me? If you are a consumer that wants to save energy, money on your electricity bills and make the environment a better place then inverter technology is the right choice for you. Most people tend to turn off their air conditioner units at the wrong time just to save on their electricity bill.